Artist's Statement

Physical scientists inform us that we can see only a small part of the reality of space and time, and so I believe art is a part of the greater reality. And I hope to show aspects of reality that we usually choose not to see. That is, I like landscapes whose details emerge after repeated viewings, and I like portraits that reveal something about the moods and circumstances of the person depicted – slowly.

Perhaps art involves the dimension of time, because while some pieces are as comfortable as lifelong friends, other pieces are difficult to endure even for a few seconds. But although the test-of-time might seem to be the measure of creative work, it can be taken too far because the test evades insight into an artistic conundrum.

And the conundrum is : artists are paired with ‘something’ that arrives from seeming nothingness. And when ‘something’ is invoked it might engender answers – despite using no words and having no substance. I know it helps me draw and paint, and I believe it helps others of us to dance, to compose music, to write plays, poetry, prose – as well as create paintings and drawings.

I don’t know how things will develop as I work. I seem to be a necessary-but-not-sufficient part of it. Throughout the progress of a materialization I seem to be in partnership with something outside myself. Things bestir themselves and fuzz around my ears – coming and going. Intuitions and emotions seem to arrive from elsewhere.

And afterward I puzzle over why some of my efforts seem good while some seem not-so-good – and later why ‘good’ sometimes swaps places with ‘not-so-good’.

Copyright © 2018, Donald R. MacCrimmon, Madison, All Rights Reserved

Fine art by Don MacCrimmon